IP Camera Job

Baystate Media was approached by a building owner to design and install a solution to their Parking Lot surveillance requirements.  Not unique to Baystate’s client, the parking lot, a large open area, presented coverage, lighting, and deployment challenges. 
The client chose Baystate because of their understanding that new CCTV technologies, when properly designed and deployed, would enable attainment of their goal; a state of the art IP based surveillance system. 
The products selected by Baystate for this application provide the following functionality:

·         Ability to capture usable video within the lighting and environmental challenges of the parking area.

·         Functionality and expansion capabilities that meet both the client’s current requirements and “plans for future growth.”

·         Capability for onsite monitoring as well as full system control and monitoring via mobile devices (iPhone, Android, PC).

·         Ease of use.


Access control Project

Access Control With CCTV intergation