Commercial - Security


Access control technologies provide many capabilities beyond the securing and releasing of controlled doors. These systems now provide the potential for centralised control of global real estate with dual-redundant servers and complex SQL reporting tools. We can also go further and integrate HR systems, Safety Management, IDS and video into a single platform. System selection is crucial, and equally crucial is the method of deployment and the on-going support, maximising the return on what can be a significant investment.

With proven experience in system migration and integration our methodologies ensure smooth transition and maximum system availability.


Video surveillance is achieved with a widely understood set of technologies. Our expertise lies in the deployment of cameras, viewing, recording and analytics technologies in a wide range of applications and environmental conditions. The market for these technologies moves rapidly with the manufacturers regularly “leap-frogging” each other in terms of features, performance and price. With many hundreds of manufacturers to choose from our sound knowledge of the core technologies is an essential part in the assistance we provide our customers in selecting the right products:

  • Cameras
  • Network Video Recording software
  • IP Network
  • Servers
  • Analytics
  • Video Management Systems

Whilst we bring these elements together into a seamless video solution we also investigate other technology integrations which enable our clients to better underpin their security policies.  The use of video to trigger events, or events to trigger video are powerful tools for improving security efficiency and performance.