Baystate Media was founded on the basic principles of excellence, craftsmanship, integrity and uncompromising service. With over 15 years experience as an electrician and 10 years as an audio/video specialist, the Company's founder, Peter Beckford, has brought these values to every aspect of audio/video design, sales, installation and service.

Whether you want a small surround sound system in your family room or the "smart home" of the future, you can count on the professionals at Baystate Media to create a truly innovative and exciting living space, the kind of home you've always dreamed of.

Baystate Media employs licensed electricians who undergo continuous training and certification in superior home theater design, including ISF (Imaging Sciences Foundation) certification, THX, advanced acoustic and sound engineering, AMX, Vantage lighting controls, video distribution engineering and audio system engineering.

How We Work


When you call Baystate Media, we'll arrange a preliminary meeting to discuss your vision, the latest technology, appropriate options and your budget. We then create a customized preliminary system proposal outlining the scope and cost of the project. Baystate Media does not charge for this initial consultation with a client nor for the general proposal.


Should a client need a detailed specification proposal, there will be a charge for the service related to (billed as a percentage of the estimated total project cost if a whole-house project, or an hourly fee if the project is a single technology). The client then receives all detailed information. These charges are subtracted from the total project cost if the client signs a contract with Baystate Media.


At Baystate Media, we understand the importance of clear communications with you, and with the many professionals who are often part of a larger project. We guarantee clear and relevant documentation, ongoing updated project status, visual layouts prepared for trades such as electricians and cabinet makers, and detailed specification for builders, architects, designers, and technicians.


Baystate Media will design the right mix of products to fit the needs and budget of the homeowner and that will complement each other well. Then we guarantee results. Furthermore, our employees undergo continuous training on the industry's latest technologies.


We know what it takes to do the job right - the highest standard of excellence. Baystate Media has created a strong warranty and support system including: call back service within 24 hours, in-home service warranty, after-market updates on technology changes, upgrades, and a "whatever-it-takes" customer training commitment. The only surprise you'll experience is Baystate Media's commitment to beating your expectations.


Baystate Media is a "turn-key" company usually retained for the design, engineering, supply and installation of complete projects. It is not our practice to consult for solutions provided by other systems integration companies. Should a consultation be ongoing without directly engaging Baystate Media, we charge an hourly consultation fee.